A Little Glide

by Joan Hutton Landis

ISBN 0966917766, 978-0-9669177-6-5, 2016, $18.00

As exciting as the life is in these poems, as much history and society and nature as we are given, as much family, as much Americana, the real activity here is the activity of making language physical, of making it as palpable and concrete as what it represents.

—From the Foreword by Vijay Seshadri, Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for 3 Sections (Graywolf Press, 2013)

These poems skewer and empathize in equal parts. I love them because they are witty, prickly, friendly and wise, formally rigorous and improvisatory, complicated, literary and down to earth, unsparing and most of all terrifically humane.

—Daisy Fried, Finalist for the 2007 National Book Critics Circle Award, and author of Women’s Poetry: Poems and Advice (Pitt Poetry Series, 2013)

Glide of the dance. Of the bird in flight (a raptor, perhaps?). Glide of a plane to another continent, of a life from role to role, stage to stage....O, brave poet! Who finds so much beauty, never flinching from the cruelties of nature all around and the nature that is trapped in us.

—Elaine Terranova, Winner of the Walt Whitman Award, and author of Dames Rocket (Penstroke Press, 2012) and Dollhouse (Off the Grid Press, 2013)

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