The Big Random Cover Image

The Big Random

A Play by Dana Yeaton

ISBN 0-9669177-4-X, 978-0-9669177-4-1, 96 pp, 2003, $18.00

Yeaton is too sharp a writer to proselytize, but he is comfortable giving us some sins and some miracles to contemplate. . . . Like many well-crafted relationship dramas, The Big Random empathizes with everybody.

—Seven Days

The Big Random is a comic drama that tells the story of two American misfits on the run. Claire is a troubled adolescent, who is about to turn sixteen in the psych ward of a Boston hospital when Roland, a middle-aged man who claims to be her godfather, smuggles her out. Together they head north, deep into Quebec, on an escapade that threatens to land them in jail or the grave, or perhaps back on the road of happiness.

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