Blasts from the Future Cover

Blasts from the Future

An Anthology of Ten-Minute Plays from
the Vermont Young Playwrights Project

Edited by Dana Yeaton

ISBN 0-9669177-0-7, 978-0-9669177-0-3, 168 pp, 1999, $18.00

Blasts from the Future breaks through the drab stereotypes young people are often lumped under and offers us a rainbow of images, sound, and emotions. It gives young voices the chance to be heard, and we will all be richer if we listen to what they have to say.

—Senator Bernie Sanders

Here, to our knowledge, is the first anthology of ten-minute plays written by middle and high school students. They come from the Vermont Young Playwrights Project, an outreach program of the Vermont Stage Company, which sends professional playwrights into schools throughout the state. The seventeen plays collected herein were chosen from among those performed at the first three annual festivals of new student plays. They represent a vast array of themes and characters, from the serious to the sublime, to the truly silly. With small casts and simple or implied settings, they are perfect for productions that are easy to mount or tour.

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