Dames Rocket

by Elaine Terranova

ISBN 0-9669177-9-0, 978-0-9669177-9-6, 88 pp, 2012, $18.00

What a wonderful book this is! Turning its pages, time and again I felt the kind of astonishment a person feels as her soul comes to consciousness. To read these poems is to experience an awakening, to be suddenly attentive to the odd fact of being a self in a strange world. This is a remarkable book, written by a splendid poet who is right now at her very best.

—Jeanne Murray Walker,
author of New Tracks,
Night Falling, poems

Elaine Terranova’s Dames Rocket is a numinous, luminous, and raw exploration of space — the balloon of air between here and there that holds our gods, our aspirations, and our own delicate bodies. It is the space of her childhood street, it’s a phoebe’s nest, it’s an apricot, it’s the hunger moon. Her “An Ars Poetica” says “Poetry is where you were headed / while the world was pointing / in the opposite direction.” Over and over I find, in this new collection of poems, that I’ve waked up in a place where I’m glad and surprised to be.

—Fleda Brown,
author of Reunion, poems,
and Driving with Dvorak, a memoir

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