based on the bestselling novel Midwives
by Chris Bohjalian

A play by Dana Yeaton

ISBN 0-9669177-3-1, 978-0-9669177-3-4, 90 pp, 2000, $18.00

A heart-stopping drama played out both in the courtroom and behind closed doors.

—Alice Hoffman

In the tradition of To Kill A Mockingbird, Chris Bohjalian’s bestselling novel Midwives is now a riveting stage play—a courtroom drama that leaves the audience deliberating even after the jury has returned its verdict.

As a midwife in a remote New England town, Sibyl Danforth enjoyed a reputation for inspiring confidence in the mothers who chose to have their babies at home with her. But when a ferocious March ice storm stranded her during a complicated delivery, Sibyl was forced to make a spilt-second decision that would threaten her reputation and alter her life forever. Now, as Sibyl battles for her own life, she revisits the choice she made that stormy night and the ensuing trial—defending herself against a medical establishment determined to brand her an outlaw.

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