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A Little Glide

by Joan Hutton Landis

ISBN 0966917766, 978-0-9669177-6-5, 2016, $18.00

As exciting as the life is in these poems, as much history and society and nature as we are given, as much family, as much Americana, the real activity here is the activity of making language physical... Read More

Dames Rocket

by Elaine Terranova

ISBN 0-9669177-9-0, 978-0-9669177-9-6, 88 pp, 2012, $18.00

What a wonderful book this is! Turning its pages, time and again I felt the kind of astonishment a person feels as her soul comes to consciousness. To read these poems is to experience an awakening, to be suddenly attentive to the odd fact of being a self in a strange world... Read More


by Nathalie Anderson

ISBN 978-096691778-9, 978-0-9669177-8-9, 96 pp, 2011, $18.00

Quiver is Nathalie Anderson's most thematically wide-ranging and formally ambitious work to date. Underlined throughout by music, this collection is a many-sided reclamation of place and an invigorating account how we relate to the various physical, familial, moral, sexual and literary landscapes we encounter as we grow in experience of the world... Read More

That Blue Repair

by Joan Hutton Landis

ISBN 0-9669177-5-8, 978-0-9669177-5-8, 90 pp, 2008, $18.00

One of the many pleasures of this book is “Sunday Lesson,” with its seemingly casual marshalling of impressions and its ever stronger intimations of mortality. I also relish the successful use of Emily Dickinson’s tone and technique in “Amherst: June 1873.” And “Love Poem with Grackles” is simply delightful. I could go on with specific praises, but let me say... Read More

The Big Random

by Dana Yeaton

ISBN 0-9669177-4-X, 978-0-9669177-4-1, 96 pp, 2003, $18.00

The Big Random is a comic drama that tells the story of two American misfits on the run. Claire is a troubled adolescent, who is about to turn sixteen in the psych ward of a Boston hospital when Roland, a middle-aged man who claims to be her godfather, smuggles her out. Together they head north, deep into Quebec, on an escapade that threatens to land them in jail or the grave..... Read More


by Dana Yeaton

ISBN 0-9669177-3-1, 978-0-9669177-3-4, 90 pp, 2000, $18.00

As a midwife in a remote New England town, Sibyl Danforth enjoyed a reputation for inspiring confidence in the mothers who chose to have their babies at home with her. But when a ferocious March ice storm stranded her during a complicated delivery, Sibyl was forced to make a spilt-second decision that would threaten her reputation and alter her life forever... Read More

Mad River Rising

by Dana Yeaton

ISBN 0-9669177-2-3, 978-0-9669177-2-7, 96 pp, 2003, $18.00

Mad River Rising represents Yeaton’s achieved mastery of the medium, a play for all seasons and all locales. The generational tensions that it explores, as well as the cultural prejudices it exposes, have the correct balance between the particular and the general to strike chords of recognition in any audience, much the way Our Town does. The play is moving without being either obvious or saccharine... Read More

Blasts from the Future

by Dana Yeaton

ISBN 0-9669177-0-7, 978-0-9669177-0-3, 168 pp, 1999, $18.00

Blasts from the Future breaks through the drab stereotypes young people are often lumped under and offers us a rainbow of images, sound, and emotions. It gives young voices the chance to be heard, and we will all be richer if we listen to what they have to say... Read More