Guidelines for Submissions

Contact Person: Kathryn Schenkman


1 Include a brief letter of introduction and short synopsis of the book, play, or collection of poetry, with a statement as to what makes your book unique

2 Tell us who you think would be the likely audience for your book

3 Include a biography of yourself that highlights your qualifications for writing your subject

4 Include a Table of Contents, Introduction, and sample chapters, scenes, or poems. Do not send a complete manuscript unless requested, including electronic versions sent by email. Proposals including the above materials are more quickly reviewed than entire unsolicited manuscripts

5 If you desire the return of proposals or manuscripts, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage for its return

6 The flow of submissions at times exceeds our ability to respond in timely manner. Therefore, if you have not received a response within twelve weeks, it is likely that your manuscript has not been selected for publication